“New Science: Cutting-edge Research Made Possible by Information Science, AI, and Big Data” Outreach Event for High School Students and General Public on Nov. 7th

As part of the larger “Science Agora” outreach event, three of the World Premier Institute (WPI) research centers (ICReDD, IFReC, and IRCN) are collaborating on an online session about information science, AI (artificial intelligence), and big data.

The world is overflowing with an immense amount of data (“big data”), and it is difficult for people to discern what is true. One could possibly say it is a scientist’s job to distill the truth from such complex data with scientific evidence.

In this session on new research from three different fields, we will cover 1) predicting chemical reactions from big data using machine learning, 2) how neurointelligence, a fusion of the brain and artificial intelligence, can be used for disease analysis and other applications, and 3) using genomic information to understand immune cell properties and their relation to diseases. All three of these are fields sure to affect everyone in the future, and we hope to convey their significance to members of the public, high school students studying the new topic of “information”, and those working in education.

ICReDD Professor Ichigaku Takigawa will be talking about the first topic: predicting chemical reactions from big data using machine learning.

Date: Sunday, Nov. 7th  13:00-15:00 

Place: Zoom (online event)

Participation fee: Free

Target Audience: High school students and the general public

Registration: Advance registration is required. Click here to register.

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Participating institutes:
Institute for Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery (WPI-ICReDD)
International Research Center for Neurointelligence (WPI-IRCN)
Immunology Frontier Research Center (WPI-IFReC)