FY2020 MANABIYA (ACADEMIC) – 2nd Call application has been closed


MANABIYA is a system to foster a new generation of researchers proficient in the three fields of computational, information and experimental science and to develop the new interdisciplinary academic field of “Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery (CReDD)” worldwide. Thus, we aim to form an academic network, making ICReDD an internationally recognized research institution, and discover new research seeds.


Early-career researchers and graduate-level students from domestic and overseas research centers and universities are invited to stay at ICReDD for 2 weeks (minimum) to 3 months (maximum). The purpose of this system is to help the researchers acquire techniques for developing new chemical reactions. In the course of their study, they are also expected to discover new research seeds. In the future, we aim to establish a brain circulation society where the researchers use and spread the techniques they have acquired at ICReDD.

Please refer to the research topics offered by our faculty members below and read the application guidelines if you are interested in applying to MANABIYA Academic!

Application deadline: Monday, November 30, 2020 (JST)


In the MANABIYA Industry branch of the program, we promote collaborations between ICReDD faculty and corporate researchers in the form of consulting and research collaborations.

Please refer to the research topics offered by our faculty members below and contact a MANABIYA representative if you are interested in MANABIYA Industry!

Research Topics

MAEDA, Satoshi Theoretical analysis and prediction of reaction mechanism using automated reaction path search methods
TAKETSUGU, Tetsuya Calculation of excited state species and design of heterogeneous catalysts
(Rubinstein group)
Theoretical calculation of polymer materials and macromolecules
YOSHIOKA, Masaharu Information extraction from chemical research papers
(Varnek group)
Chemoinformatics tools for chemical data management, analysis and QSAR modeling
TAKIGAWA, Ichigaku Methods and practices for data-intensive research
KOMATSUZAKI, Tamiki Phase space geometry of chemical reactions and on-line machine learning to accelerate experiments
ITO, Hajime Development of new reactions of small molecules with various elements
SAWAMURA, Masaya Development of new catalytic reactions using transition metals
TSUJI, Nobuya
(List group)
Development of new reactions using organocatalysis
INOKUMA, Yasuhide Small to medium-size molecule synthesis and crystallography
HASEGAWA, Yasuchika Light-emitting materials with high brightness and durability
GONG, Jian Ping Synthesis of biocompatible/self-evolving gels and macromolecules
TANAKA, Shinya Cell control by new materials, development of next-generation diagnosis tools