Graduate Student Recruitment

ICReDD is recruiting master’s and PhD students to join us in revolutionizing chemical reaction design and discovery. In addition to ICReDD PIs, the 4 faculty members below (Junior PIs, Assistant Professors) are accepting graduate students for supervision. Students interested in working with one of these faculty members should contact them directly for information on joining their lab. 



Dennis Chung-Yang Huang, Junior PI, Associate Professor 

The Huang Lab

Research Topics: Organic synthesis, transition metal catalysis, photochemistry





Pavel Sidorov, Junior PI, Associate Professor

The Sidorov Group

Research Topics: Chemical databases, Quantitative Structure-Property Relationships (QSPR), Machine learning





Mingoo Jin, Junior PI, Associate Professor

Research Topics: Molecular rotors, Metal-complexes, Solid-state photoluminescence






Tomoko Akama, Assistant Professor

Research Topics: Quantum Chemistry, Electron Dynamics, Rare-earth complexes




Students wishing to work with other ICReDD PIs should visit the website of that faculty member’s affiliated graduate school.

Graduate School of Chemical Science and Engineering
PIs: Satoshi Maeda, Tetsuya Taketsugu, Masaya Sawamura,
Hajime Ito, Yasuhide Inokuma, Yasuchika Hasegawa

Division of Mathematics, Graduate School of Science
Faculty member: Koji Tabata (Komatsuzaki Group)

Division of Computer Science and Information Technology,
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
PI: Masaharu Yoshioka

Division of Soft Matter, Graduate School of Life Science
PI: Jian Ping Gong (
Faculty member: Masumi Tsuda (Tanaka Group)

Division of Medicine, Graduate school of medicine
PI: Shinya Tanaka (Cancer Pathology, Pathology, Pathological Science)