International Seminar: “Molecular Accelerated Discovery of Novelty Enabled by Synthetic Systems”

Date and Time: 22nd, July from 21:00-22:00

Place: Online (Zoom)

Title: “Molecular Accelerated Discovery of Novelty Enabled by Synthetic Systems”

Presenter: Dr. Han Hao (University Toronto, Canada)

Abstract: Functional materials such as organic semiconductors, polymers and inorganic nanoparticles are essential to the modern society. However traditional combinational libraries ways of material discovery are usually time-consuming, expensive and laborious, while limited search spaces are covered in such process. Additionally, achieving highly reproducible and reliable results independent of institutions and operators remains challenging to the society.

Self-driving lab (SDL) is an emerging transformational platform technology that has potential to reduce the time and cost of laboratory discovery by a factor of ten or more. It takes advantage of recent ground-breaking advances of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic/sensor technologies, which allows it to explore broad chemical space through closed-loop “make-test-design” cycle automatically and find top-performing materials in an efficient manner. Moreover, implementation of cloud-based data storage and experiment planning platform further enables SDL to provide uniform and reliable results across the world.

In this talk, we shall present our recent work on designing of an asynchronized, cloud-based, delocalized, closed-loop (ACDC) workflow based on SDL. Especially, we shall demonstrate the accelerated discovery of the world’s top-performing molecules for organic solid-state lasers using SDL with ACDC implementation.