Joint Symposium of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences & WPI-ICReDD in Hokkaido University

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Dr. Tsuyoshi Mita, Associate Professor, WPI-ICReDD.
Email: tmita AT icredd.hokudai.ac.jp



13:00 – 13:10   Opening remarks
                        Prof. Satoshi Maeda, Director, WPI-ICReDD
                        Prof. Satoshi Ichikawa, Vise Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences


13:10                Session 1 (Chair: Tsuyoshi Mita) 15 min talk and 5 min discussion

13:10 – 13:30   Hiroki Hayashi (Experimental Sciences, WPI-ICReDD/JST-ERATO)
“Reaction simulation by quantum chemical calculations for multicomponent reactions with difluorocarbene”


13:30 – 13:50   Masahiro Kojima (Synthetic and Industrial Chemistry, Fac. of Pharm. Sci.)
“Silane- and peroxide-free hydrogen atom transfer hydrogenation using ascorbic                                         acid and cobalt-photoredox dual catalysis”


13:50 – 14:10   Kosuke Higashida (Experimental Sciences, WPI-ICReDD)
“Design of cooperative catalysts for nucleophilic addition of O-nucleophiles toward  alkynes”



14:10 – 14:30   Kimiko Kuroki (Biomolecular Science, Fac. of Pharm. Sci.)
“Structures and receptor recognition mechanism of immune inhibitory HLA-G molecules”



14:30 – 14:50   Sheng Hu (Information Sciences, WPI-ICReDD)
“Data representations for deep learning and chemistry-related applications”



—————————————————short break: 10 min—————————————————-

15:00                Session 2 “Cancer session” (Chair: Tetsuya Taketsugu) 25 min talk and 5 min discussion

15:00 – 15:30   Mikako Ogawa (Molecular Imaging, Fac. of Pharm. Sci.)
“Cancer targeted phototherapy, based on photo-chemical reaction”




15:30 – 16:00   Shinya Tanaka (Experimental Sciences, WPI-ICReDD)
“Analysis of regulatory mechanism of plasticity towards cancer stemness by hydrogels”


—————————————————short break: 10 min—————————————————-

16:10                Session 3 (Chair: Tatsuhiko Yoshino) 15 min talk and 5 min discussion

16:10 – 16:30   Yuma Yamada (Molecular Design of Pharmaceutics, Fac. of Pharm. Sci.)
“Validation of therapeutic strategies using mitochondrial drug delivery systems”



16:30 – 16:50   Min Gao (Computational Sciences, WPI-ICReDD)
“Importance of systematic searching for computational catalysis”



16:50 – 17:10   Koichi Fujiwara (Organic Chemistry for Drug Development, Fac. of Pharm. Sci.)
“Design and synthesis of benzene congeners of resolvin E2 as its stable equivalents”


17:10 – 17:30   Nobuya Tsuji (Experimental Sciences, WPI-ICReDD)
“Predicting highly enantioselective catalysts using tunable fragment descriptors”



17:30 – 17:50   Akira Katsuyama (Medicinal Chemistry, Fac. of Pharm. Sci.)
“Stereoisomerism of chalcogen isologues of a sterically hindered benzamide”


17:50                Closing remarks
                         Dr. Tsuyoshi Mita, Specially Appointed Associate Prof., WPI-ICReDD

Organizing Committee
Tsuyoshi Mita (Specially Appointed Associate Prof. in WPI-ICReDD)
Tatsuhiko Yoshino (Associate Prof. in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)