Visit Hokkaido University online on 16 July! Online University Visit – Hokkaido University | Sakura Science Exchange Program

Hokkaido University will hold an online event “SAKURA SCIENCE Exchange Program Online University Visit” in collaboration with Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) on 16 July.

This two-hour Zoom event will feature an overview of Hokkaido University, and participants will be able to experience a short lecture and a Lab Tour by Professor ITO Hajime, Faculty of Engineering /WPI-ICReDD.

This event is free and open to high school/university students interested in finding out more about Hokkaido University. Pre-registration is required.

Please see the following information for more details.

Date: Saturday, July 16, 2022

Time: 15:00-17:00 (Japan Standard Time)
    *Check your local time!

Venue: Zoom Webinar

   -Overview of Hokkaido University
   -Lecture and Lab Tour <LIVE> “Mechanochemsitry: Revolution of Material Production”
   -International Student Life in Hokkaido
   -Basic Information on Study in Japan
   -Q&A Session

Registration: Please register on the link below to participate in the program.


Contact: global[at]oia.hokudai.ac.jp