ICHINO, Tomoya

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ICHINO, Tomoya
Postdoctoral Fellow

tichino atmark icredd.hokudai.ac.jp

MAEDA, Satoshi Group
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About the Research

Research Theme

Computational studies on metal cluster catalysts


Computational chemistry

Research Outline

My research topic is to investigate catalytic reactions by sub-nanometric metal clusters with DFT methods. Recently, I am focusing on computational screening of the catalytic activities of alloys toward applications of multi-metallic catalysts.

Representative Research Achievements

  • A Systematic Study on Bond Activation Energies of NO, N2, and O2 on Hexamers of Eight Transition Metals
    T. Ichino, M. Takagi, S. Maeda. ChemCatChem, 2019, 11, 1346-1353.
    DOI : 10.1002/cctc.201801595