ICReDD held The 7th ICReDD International Symposium: The Rising Star Program

ICReDD has built an environment where young researchers can try their own new ideas and engage in research more independently. ICReDD supports young researchers through internal institutional research grants and through its Junior PI system, which provides a chance for researchers to manage their own lab as principal investigators (PIs) even at a relatively early stage in their career.

The 7th ICReDD International Symposium, held on Jan. 18-19th, was different from previous ICReDD international symposia in that for the first time the symposium was organized entirely by ICReDD’s Junior PIs. The symposium was held under the title “The Rising Star Program” and shined a spotlight on young researchers active in the fields of experimental science, computational science, and information science.


There was a total of 13 speakers (8 from overseas and Japan, 5 from ICReDD) who gave talks on their research using mechanical force, light, artificial intelligence, and various other methods to develop new chemical reactions and materials. One of the speakers was from industry, giving attendees an opportunity to hear a different perspective from outside academia. Additionally, there were 22 poster presentations at the poster session held on the first day of the symposium.


In addition to the speakers, many of the attendees were also young researchers, lending an open atmosphere to the 2-day symposium. During the question-and-answer sessions and poster sessions, as well as during coffee breaks and after the lectures, young participants were seen actively exchanging ideas without hesitation.



The symposium had a total of 165 participants (100 in-person, 65 online). Moving forward, ICReDD plans to periodically hold Rising Star Program events under the organization of the Junior PIs.