High school students get hands-on chemistry experience at ICReDD through program of The Hokkaido Branch of the Chemical Society of Japan

ICReDD participated in The Hokkaido Branch of The Chemical Society of Japan’s “Dream Chemistry 21” program on August 3rd-4th, 2023, in which high school students from around Hokkaido were paired up with a research group in Hokkaido University for a hands-on lab experience.

Three research groups at ICReDD hosted a total of 13 students. On the first day, students attended a special lecture and then their mentors took them to their respective labs. On the second day, students completed hands-on experiments in small groups. Each group explored a different topic, with students at ICReDD learning about computational chemistry, mechanochemistry, or hydrogel materials.

Students construct and analyze molecules using specialized computer software.
A pair of high school students carefully measure ingredients while making hydrogels.
Analyzing the structure of chemical compounds with X-rays.